Office Policies

    Below you will find our policies regarding warranties, returns, and re-dos. Regardless of the type of eyewear you use to correct your vision, please initial and sign below acknowledging that you are aware of our policies.

    Frame Warranty

    Frames purchased at the office of Dr. Guerrieri are covered under a one-year (from original purchased date) warranty against manufacturer defects. We will assess the frame to see if it falls under these guidelines. We will be happy to take care of the necessary paperwork to fulfill your warranty. However, if the frame does not fall under warranty guidelines (per the manufacturer) we will offer you a 20% discount towards the purchase of a replacement frame.

    Frame and/or Lens Returns

    All sales are final. If the prescription lenses are not working, the office of Dr. Guerrieri will do everything they can to give you the best vision possible. However, the frame is considered a medical device and cannot be returned. You do have the option of changing the color, or purchasing a new frame at a discount of 20%.

    Existing/Previously Worn Frames

    You have the option of using an existing/previously worn frame as opposed to purchasing a new frame. The office of Dr. Guerrieri is not responsible if your frame should break or be damaged during the lens insertion or adjustment process. There is also a $10 charge to cover shipping to and from the lab. These charges are already included in the purchase of a new frame.

    Lens Warranty

    All lenses (excluding uncoated plastic and glass lenses) have a one-year warranty, which covers any damage to the lens caused by normal wear and tear. It does not cover lost, stolen, or hairline scratches which have no effect on vision. This is a one- to two-time redo within the warranty period. The frame must be sent to the lab for warranty lenses to be edged, so you must have a spare pair of glasses to use until the new lenses arrive.

    Progressive Lens Adaptation

    It may take some time for first time progressive lens wearers to adapt. However, if for any reason, you cannot adapt to the lens, the office of Dr. Guerrieri will remake the lenses as a first time re-do to trifocals, bifocals, or single vision lenses at no additional charge. You will not receive a refund on the cost difference.

    Prescription Changes

    You are covered for a one-time no charge prescription change within 6 months of the original purchase date. Any further prescription changes will be charged to the following levels: 2nd 50% of usual and customary price, 3rd 75%, and 4th and beyond will be considered a new purchase.

    Contact Lens Materials

    Returns or exchanges of contact lens boxes must occur within 90 days of purchase. There is a $5 restocking fee per box. Boxes must be returned in re-sellable condition (unopened and unmarked) to be eligible for returns. Contact lens trials are for diagnostic purposes only.

    Adjustments and Repairs

    There is always a risk for breaking frames or chipping lenses while adjusting your glasses. Frames and lenses purchased here are warrantied for a full year. We cannot assume any risk for breakage of materials purchased elsewhere, or over one year.

    If signing as a personal representative of the patient, describe the relationship to the patient and the source of authority to sign this form.

    If signing as a personal representative of the patient, describe the relationship to the patient and the source of authority to sign this form.

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