Comprehensive Eye Exam

Eye ExamAlthough many patients visit their eye doctor to simply obtain a new eyeglass prescription, Dr. Guerrieri is also concerned about the total health of your eye. A comprehensive eye exam is a crucial part of maintaining your whole-body wellness. While patients under 50 may wait several years between eye exams if they have no visual problems or risk factors, Dr. Guerrieri recommends a dilated exam at least biannually for patients over age 50 and annually after age 65.

Before your exam, Dr. Guerrieri will conduct several tests to establish the health of your eye. First, we will test the fluid pressure of your eye using a non-contact tonometry machine. Then, you’ll have your peripheral vision checked, and a retinal camera will take a photo of the back of your eye.

During the exam, Dr. Guerrieri will check the general health of your eyes using a slit lamp to examine the front of your eyes. From the retinal photos, the doctor will determine the health of the macular area and look for early signs of glaucoma, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

During the refraction, Dr. Guerrieri will test for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia, as well as other refractive conditions. Dr. Guerrieri will talk with you after the exam to determine your needs and what method of correction would best suit your lifestyle.

Finally, you’ll be able to meet with our optical department where you’ll be guided in frame or contact lens selection.

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