Contact Lenses

Contact LensesAlthough contact lenses are quite common, the fitting process is much more complicated than buying a pair of eyeglasses. While an eyeglass prescription is usually the start of a contact lens fitting, there is much more involved. The doctor must determine what type of lens works best for you based on your lifestyle and the condition of your eyes. For example, a patient who often complains about dry eyes will need to wear a lens that lets more moisture pass through the lens, while a patient with significant astigmatism will need a lens that specifically corrects that condition.

Once the doctor has selected the lens that should work for you, then you’ll need a trial period to wear the lens. For disposable lenses, we’ll provide you with a few pairs of lenses that can be thrown away after the trial wearing period. For durable lenses intended to last for months or years, we’ll provide you with the actual lens to be sold to you, so those will need to be returned or purchased. After a few days or weeks of wearing these lenses on a trial basis, we’ll have you return to the office so the doctor can assess how good the fit is – are the lenses irritating your cornea, or are they fitting correctly – and talk to you about whether the lenses address your vision and comfort needs. If you and the doctor decide that the lens is right for you, the doctor will write a contact lens prescription. At that point, you contact lens fitting process is complete and we can take care of your contact lens order, or you may order online here.

Please note that contact lens fittings are separate from our regular eye exam, so please let us know when you schedule your appointment if you are a contact lens wearer.

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